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alt HitchHikers were originally designed for
attaching plastic or pork-rind trailers to
spinner-baits. Pork chunks were easily detached
and returned to the jar, for re-use. Simply twist the HitchHiker into your trailer and snap it onto your jig or spinner-bait.
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Then an angler thought a HitchHiker would make plastic lizards swim more like the real thing.
He simply cut the lizard right in front of the back legs and twisted a HitchHiker into each end.
The action is incredible!
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alt Elite Pro, Keith Poche’ started adding
a blade to the tail of his soft plastics.
The additional flash and tail-weighting
has put extra money in his pocket!
Many states do not allow more than two hooks on a line. So how do you fish a five-lure A-Rig? Just
attach a HitchHiker to three of those arms and
attach the baits without a hook. Be sure to place the hooked ones closer to the bottom for more strikes. (Fish look UP after all.)
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alt The “Stoopid Rig”
is rigged with a HitchHiker and clipped to a Daiichi
Circle Wide® hook. This is an absolute killer on schooling fish. The circle hook provides an easy, catch and release
The original HitchHiker rigging coil
is as handy as a Swiss Army Knife®
What can YOU do with a HitchHiker?
HitchHiker is a registered trademark of TTI-Blakemore Fishing Group.
Swiss Army Knife is a registered trademark of Victorinox AG.

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